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About MIKA Florida Karate in Palm Bay, FL

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Do you know what MIKA stands for? It’s Mentors Influencing Kids Actions One Black Belt At A Time. At MIKA Florida our philosophy is simple - to better MIND, BODY and SPIRIT through Martial Arts training.

We teach life skills to our students that will help them succeed in anything they pursue in life. We are a family-oriented dojo with community togetherness, student success, and martial arts advancement rolled into everything we do.

But…we do things a little differently than most martial arts schools!

Have you heard of Isshinryu Karate? It’s a traditional and unique defensive martial art; through it you’ll develop life saving self-defense skills, better physical fitness, health and mental awareness. It’s supported by time-honored philosophies that establish mental discipline, strong principles and values while developing a powerful system of protection.

NO bullies allowed! We even have hyper bully self-defense sparring and hyper bully self-defense weapons courses.We don’t create bullies – we empower the community! Owners Craig and Jennifer Martel opened the karate academy to make a positive impact the community, so we focus on character development along with karate skills.

The purpose of these courses is to allow children, and adults alike, to recognize a situation and have the confidence to walk away. That’s the best defense after all! But sometimes, life gets messy. Through training in our classes you can feel confident in knowing you CAN defend yourself or your family should you need to.

We take pride in our family atmosphere. Through Traditional Isshinryu Karate we train students to use realistic self-defense, such as striking drills, and learning to mentally prepare for modern day needs. Programs are divided into age groups and all the skills and drills are age appropriate. Lessons on having good moral character are a part of every class too!

But we don’t stop there; at the heart of what we do is family. We encourage families to train together and support each other in their martial arts efforts both in the dojo an at home. We believe your martial arts journey is valuable and priceless when you share it with another. Students become ambassadors of Isshinryu Karate and carry on the legacy of our unique training style.

Whether you want to simply get fit, seriously train in the martial arts, or just find a positive outlet for your child’s wonderful energy…we have classes for every body shape and athletic ability. Most students are total beginners when they start, having never played sports at all.

Through the support of the dojo family and their family at home, we see students skill levels increase rapidly as their confidence soars!

Our awesome and skilled staff is dedicated to giving you the best experience. They are there to motivate, inspire, and encourage you as you go through your martial arts training. We strive to provide support and friendship throughout your journey as a martial artist.

Here at MIKA Florida you will learn to defend yourself through dedication, commitment and hard work. You will gains skills such as: focus, control, confidence and teamwork. Most importantly while working on individual skills, our classes are fun and you will make lifelong friends. We have a TON of fun, lots of laughs, and learn some seriously cool life saving moves along the way.

Our instructor bios are below so you can get a feel for the vibe or leadership in the school.

Also…while on site don’t forget to check out our amazing web-specials going on right now! They don’t last long and classes fill up fast, so if you have questions be sure to call us today, 321-428-6175, to start your journey to improving your life. Looking forward to training with you soon!


Craig Martel ~ Head Instructor

Sensei Martel has a passion for martial arts and is devoted to training students to become successful in every area of their life. He has wholeheartedly committed his life to teaching martial arts to make a difference in the lives of people.

Jennifer Martel

Sempai Martel comes to us with her background in education and child development. She teaches MIKA Dragon's in our children's program. Her passion is teaching life skills, leadership and confidence. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious in her classes.

Jordan Weymouth

Sensei Jordan has been training martial arts since he was ten years old. He has competed and won at multiple national tournaments. He is a member of the Isshinryu World Karate Association. Our kids love his classes and look forward to seeing him in the dojo!

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